Yuan Pearl Milk Tea Handmade Soap 珍圆满

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About Pearl Milk Tea Handmade Soap (珍圆满)

Inspired by the traditional custom of gifting Chinese herbal products to express wishes of good health during Lunar New Year, Yuan Skincare launches a limited-edition Pearl Milk Tea Handmade Soap gift set named Zhen Yuan Man (珍圓滿) – comprising soap bars made of 100% natural Chinese herbs, allowing the skin to drink up nourishments.

Pearl Milk Tea Handmade Soap Set 珍圆满 contains two soaps. 
1) Pearl Milk Tea Soap 
2) Oolong Tea Soap 

Available exclusively on Yuan Skincare's Official Website from 28 January.

Yuan Skincare & Soap 阿原肥皂

  • Natural and eco-friendly ingredients to restore your skin through the power of oriental herbs.

  • Herbs ingredients are 100% natural from Yuan farm in Yang Ming Shan National Park, Taiwan. Each soap bar is handmade through 18 steps and condensed for 60 days to preserve the healing properties.

  • No artificial preservatives, colouring and fragrance.

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